Welcome! / Khardak Village update #1

General / 03 January 2018


I decided to finally remove all the spiderwebs and dust from my ArtStation account and start posting my work again. Over last year I got a lot of people asking me about different techniques and methods I use in my work and I'm very happy to announce that I will be doing just that through this blog!

I will use this platform as a progress log of my projects, but rather than just posting some images I will be focusing on a different technique with some form of a tutorial that comes along with it. So expect posts rich in content: time-lapses, video tutorials and various resources such as scans, substance files  and more!

Feel free to drop a comment, feedback and suggestions what would you like to see. Alright, with that being said - let's get started! 

Khardak Village

I always wanted to create environments that are part of a bigger universe, that can grow, change and connect with each other. I decided to start small and grow from there. First setting in the series is Khardak Village, a small settlement at the foot of an old, abandoned tower. The origin of that structure is unknown, but folk believe it's magical aura that keeps waters full of fish and does not allow any storm threaten the village. 

Once I imagined this story I did a very quick sketch... then I did that sketch two more times. That's because my sketches are just captured ideas. I would not spend on them more one minute and I don't really worry about format or composition. Later I draw it again, so it's a bit more clear to me what are the main elements I want to include and also start to think about composition and how am I going to present it. Even tough more developed the sketches on the left are still very quick.

During the holiday break I decided to try out procreate and sketching with iPad. It took a while to get used to drawing with plastic stick on a piece of glass, but once I jumped over that hurdle it was just fun. I fleshed out the initial sketch and made it clear what the image is going to be about. I still feel this is just an idea and a lot will change once I move into 3D. Especially tower will have more sophisticated form.

That's it for this stage. See you next time when I will start blocking out the concept in 3D! Here is a Procreate process video (boring!):