OUTRIDERS - Director's Cut Trailer

OUTRIDERS - Director's Cut

Outriders announcement trailer, my last project at Axis Studios as an Environment Lead.
I had a lot of fun being on this project. Work was done mostly by my amazing team, I contributed mainly to look dev and lighting and provided general support. I spent most of the time working with production, setting up the project, preparing briefs, providing feedback, making sure we deliver work on time while no one stays late.
Again, big thanks to the team!

Director: Sava Zivkovic
Art Director: Gareth Hector
CG Supervisor: Paul Rowelly
Exec Producer: Debbie Ross
Producer: Christian Illingworth

Environments Team:
Andrew Averkin
Ronnie Chan
Steven Cormann
Stevie Gill
Craig Herbertson
Dima Kremiansky
Victoria Passariello
Valentine Sorokin
Kazuya Tachibana
Jakub Vondra
Enrico Zerbo